“So I’m sitting here with the visuals, getting some handouts ready, and AGAIN I have to take a bow to the work we did together – even though I’ve had the visuals in this new layout for a few years now, it’s HUGE in how timeless it is. It has stood up to all my changes and – what I find incredible and is going with me now into the final. I want to tip my hat to you for what a rich, varied, and colorful visual you were able to prepare for me. Hats off to you, really.”

Petra Rybková

“I chose Ven to create the visuals, i.e. my brand colors, font, and logo. You know what I would say about our collaboration…
Ven doesn’t create a visual that you, how to put it in a roundabout way, want, but one that you actually live… her connection is amazing, she loads you in conversation, follows your thought processes, and suddenly boom bang, you get the energy of your own business visually captured on paper.”

Samandra Ozt

“Ven pulled the thorn out of my side. Working with her was an absolute sonata. At the beginning of October, I set about putting together a website for my business. I flirted with the idea of having custom graphics on it. The logo was the music of the future at that point. I dove in and tried to put together some doodling. This is even though I delegate everything I’m not completely skilled at to experts. I wanted to get the work done as soon as possible. And the expected happened. I spent a lot of time constantly thinking about what colour to put where, and what to use in the banners, the font didn’t quite work, and the whole thing didn’t fit together somehow. Instead of focusing on what I was good at, I was puzzling over the look. I reached out to Ven and we went for it. The elaborate process she walked me through was an experience worth having. She designed my entire visual style, fine-tuned the colors, and created a beautiful logo that reflects both my personality, values and the work I do. And it was all done right the first time. She also prepared my social media banners, so the change was reflected all over the place quickly. Not only that but thanks to her, I have a visual style that pleases my eye and soul that I never dreamed of two months ago. But Ven has and continues to save me time by having all the components pre-made that I just need to grab and use without much hesitation. It’s an investment that is definitely worth it.”

Daniela Kunz

“I had some of my own ideas and expectations and I knew I was in the right place with Vendy. I love Vendy’s calmness and her sense of precision in her work. As I personally am a graphic patchworker, I had no inclination to interfere with Vendy’s work in any way, I was 100% sure that the result would be… breathtaking. And while I didn’t interfere with the process in any significant way, and in fact would have been happy with the first version, Vendy was not. She came up with a few changes herself because she felt it wasn’t quite right yet. And I respect her all the more for it. She could have spent half as much time on it and I would still have been happy because that’s just me. Vendy was able to conjure up something that words can’t describe. I could never have imagined how beautiful MY visual style could be. And if you think it’s not for you yet, I’ll lead you astray. You have no idea how much a precisely fitting visual style and logo can shift you, change the way you view your business, and boost your confidence and number of orders. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!”

Petra Dvořáková

“In 2021, I decided to make my dream come true by opening a banking training academy with the highest level of service. I searched the market for the best to create a logo, visual style, website, and text that would give face and soul to the emerging company. And we did. The collaboration with Ven Avenir and Anna Pirova was perfect and exceeded all my expectations. Both ladies were able to understand the brief and turn it into something incredible in record time. From the workshop of Ven Avenir, a talented and inspiring professional with an incredible eye for detail, comes our logo, visual style, graphic design of business cards and printed materials, and the creation of advertising visuals. Behind every single word on our website is Anna Pirová, an exceptional copywriter with an amazing eye for the right words.”

Mária Černá

“I’ve known Ven for a long time, we even collaborated on one project and when it was time to redesign my visual, I didn’t hesitate for a second. You might be thinking: why didn’t she do it herself if she’s a web designer? Well simply because a visual from Ven is not just about the colors and fonts on the website, it has a huge overlap with the whole brand you are building. There’s also logo creation, which is a discipline in itself and has a deep overlap that only an experienced and professional graphic designer can fish out. The collaboration was very pleasant and professional and I was already excited about the first design. Ven is a professional through and through and the results of her work will only confirm this to you.”

Magda Jedličková

“Working with Ven was simply dreamy. Even though we had a relatively clear idea of what we wanted to get across in the visual, what emotions we wanted to sell, and what we thought it might look like, Ven was able to connect deeply with us and rendered it as if she was reading thoughts that were still in the outlines. She’s the reason we’re still in love with our brand two years later.”

LA Schola

“Ven, thanks a thousand for your 1) flexibility, 2) ideas, 3) your ability to understand what I want (when I don’t know because I always know what I don’t want), and your overall attitude. For the detailed changes in the packaging, the many suggestions to choose from… it’s a lot. I really appreciate that I always have a bonus to my order as well and that you actually add it in yourself for my enjoyment. We started with business cards and logos together and we’re moving on to product packaging, magazine backing… Thank you very much indeed and I look forward to working with you again.”

Nikola Pavlíčková