The visual style services are divided into packages according to their scope. Each collaboration is based on the completion of a questionnaire and a 30-minute initial meeting. Currently, as of 2/22/2024, all appointments are full until the end of April 2024 and I have room for new clients starting in May 2024. If you would like me to work on your project before that date, the price of the selected service is increased by an express surcharge of 50% of the package or hourly rate.


Graphic design of the logo based on input from the initial questionnaire and the kick-off meeting. The first deliverable is at least three different options/concepts that we will go through together at the review meeting. I will then incorporate your comments into the designs and present additional versions, up to three rounds of revisions in total.

In the final version, you will receive logo output in all necessary formats (PNG, JPG, SVG, PDF), resolutions (300 dpi for print and 72 dpi for online), and colour profiles (CMYK for print, RGB for online) for print needs and all online use. Outputs are uploaded to your Google Drive folder.

I only create a separate logo if you already have a well-crafted visual style that I can build on.


The whole process from the initial meeting to handing over all deliverables takes 5 to 8 weeks.


Graphic design of your brand’s visual style. From the input received from the questionnaire and the initial meeting, I will create two to three suitable colour palettes as well as font combinations for your brand, with an original complementary graphic element also an integral part. At the next meeting, we will go through the designs and I will then incorporate your notes and comments, this way up to three revisions are repeated until the last joint meeting and presentation of the final version.

The output is a pdf with the visual style, where you will find a mood board, a brand board with the specific names of the chosen fonts as well as the colour codes, and also a simplified use for the web and possibly social media. Of course, there are also exports of the graphic element in all necessary formats.

All outputs are uploaded to your Google Drive folder.


The whole process from the initial meeting to the delivery of all deliverables takes 4 to 6 weeks.


A discounted version of the graphic design of the overall visual style and logo as above. The output is also a simple graphic manual that includes:

Logo – basic and additional design, protection zone, dimensional range
Colour scheme – all brand colour codes, basic, supplementary, inverse, and black and white logo designs
Typography – main and additional brand fonts and selected cuts


The entire process from the initial meeting to the handover of all deliverables takes 9 to 11 weeks.


The consultation is divided into two parts. During the first, we will go over your logo and visual style, or your ideas on how to create one. Based on a completed questionnaire, we’ll discuss appropriate colour and font choices for your brand as well as ways to conceptualize the logo itself.

Within a week at most, we will have a second session where I will show you specific options and combinations of colors and fonts, or options for a graphic element or logo that I will prepare during the week to make the consultation as effective as possible. You will receive a recording of both parts of the consultation that you can refer back to at any time.


After the initial meeting and agreement on the scope of cooperation, schedule, and final price, an invoice for 30 to 50% of the total price is issued, after which I will start working on your project. The remaining amount can then be split into two further payments if desired. Multiple jobs are then billed at an hourly rate of 1600 CZK.


Are you interested in other graphic work, such as:
■ business card
■ flyer, brochure
■ packaging design
■ graphics for social networks
Do not hesitate to contact me, we will definitely agree to cooperate.
All other graphic work is priced at an hourly rate of 1600 CZK.


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